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Dental our qualified and experienced practitioners use the latest technology to give you aesthetically and functionally perfect teeth. The team of oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, implantologists, periodontist, orthodontist and dental hygienist provide high quality outcomes at affordable price.

Dental Implants: These are special implants that are very similar to your own teeth. They are the latest and most predictable procedure to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Dental Care provides a variety of dental implants. Each implant is chosen, selected and recommended based on the condition of the patient and the cost effectiveness.

Dental Braces: They are specialized prosthesis that helps straighten up the mal aligned teeth. Based on the condition of the patient standard braces (metal and ceramic) are recommended or new concept braces- INVISALGN are used. This latest method of dental straightening provides invisible braces and completely eliminates the need for the same. The procedure is pain free and only requires a couple of sittings. Due to its invisible nature, today it is a widely used and opted for procedure.

Cosmetic Services: To give your teeth instant brightness and to give you a bright smile, Dental Care have specialized Brite Smile/Zoom systems. Vikash Dental Care is brings smiling teeth whitening system.

Smile Design: Apart from teeth whitening, cosmetic crowns, veneers and laminates, Dental Care also specializes in cosmetic filling. Cosmetic filling is done using the latest technology and the finest equipment to give your smile a complete makeover.

Cosmetic Services for Children: Dental Care provides comprehensive preventive dental treatments like fluoride applications and sealants. Vikash Dental Care also provides assistance for cavities. We are actively involved in educating adolescents on dental hygiene and recommended practices.

Root Canal Procedures: Vikash Dental Care specializes in providing completely pain free root canal treatment. Majority of the cases are provided surgical correction in one sitting only.

Surgical Procedures: Vikash Dental Care specializes in specialized dental surgical procedures such as sinus lift, bone grafts, extractions, and orthognathic surgeries.Dental Care has a team of experienced dentists who have a number of successful cases & results to their credit.

Prosthetics: Vikash Dental Care provides comprehensive range prosthetics – veneers, crowns, bridges, CEREC (posts and ceramics in one sitting) and traditional removable dentures.

Scaling and Gum Treatment: Vikash Dental Care provides scaling and gum treatment support. The procedures are carried out in extremely sterile conditions to ensure that no infection is caused. Our team of periodontists uses the latest laser system to eliminate periodontal disease. Vikash Dental Care also offers all types of traditional dental services for natural teeth – root canals, filings and scaling.

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