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Obs & Gyneacology


Obs & Gyneacology

VIKASH HOSPITAL specializes in providing medical, surgical, diagnostic & preventive expertise to treat a number of issues associated with women sexual health. The Institute has well-formulated clinics and awareness programs to provide support for aspects related to counselling & detection. Equipped with the state of the art diagnostic equipment and operation theatres the team of gynaecologists has the expertise to perform surgeries through minimal invasive & laparoscopic technique.

  • Intrauterine growth retardation management
  • Menstrual problems
  • Fibroid uterus
  • Prolapse uterus
  • Tubal blockade
  • Endometriosis( medical & surgical treatment)
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pelvic adhesions
  • Infertility
  • Uro Gynaecology- urinary incontinence
  • Tumours in the uterus and ovaries
  • Sterilisation – laparoscopic litigation
  • Detection and treatment of cervical cancer
  • Minimal Invasive Hysterectomy (removal of uterus)
  • Teenage problems- hormonal imbalances, menstrual issues, vaginal discharge

Laparoscopic Procedures

  • Laproscopicfimbrioplasty
  • Laproscopic ectopic pregnancy treatment
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy for infertility
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Ovarian diathermy (Laparoscopic PCOD treatment)
  • Total laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy
  • Laproscopic myomectomy
  • Laproscopic ovarian cystectomy
  • Laproscopicendometriotic cystectomy
  • Laproscopic adhesiolysis

Hysteroscopic procedures:

  • Displaced IUCD removal
  • Diagnostic hysteroscopy
  • Uterine septal resection
  • Uterine polyp removal
  • Intrauterine adhesiolysis

Obstetrics & Pregnancy:

  • Placental abruptions
  • Ectopic pregnancies
  • Miscarriages
  • Early deliveries and premature births
  • Prenatal Care
  • Ante Natal Care
  • High Risk Pregnancy
  • Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
  • Multiple pregnancies

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